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Hear From the Cotton Disaster Recovery Experts In Our Storm Stories Video Series!

Every storm season presents different challenges, along with diverse stories of resiliency in the face of adversity. We’re proud to share just a few of those stories from the people here at Cotton who have lived them in our video series, Storm Stories!

Hear from dozens of Cotton legends, each with a unique story to tell from the countless storms and disasters that our company has responded to over the years, and discover the many lessons they have learned from their experience.

These courageous individuals left behind family, homes, and daily life to head to the front lines of some of our nation's most devastating storms simply to help those communities recover in their time of need. Listen to their stories now and learn what has made Cotton the preferred partner in disaster recovery and response for the last 25 years: our people.

Watch the trailer below and you can view the entire series now on YouTube.