Cotton Unveils Brand New Sign Atop Houston Headquarters

After 25 years in business, here at Cotton we’re still reaching new heights that we would have never thought possible when we got our start all those years ago. Following many years of planning and dreaming, we’re so thrilled to unveil our brand new Cotton Holdings sign affixed to the top of our global headquarters in Houston, TX!

For us, this sign is a fantastic symbol that represents our incredible transformation as a company. What started as a small 5,000 sq. ft. warehouse on Arc Street in Southwest Houston has now grown into an international brand with teams and offices across the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Through our visionary leadership, determination as a team, and unmatched technical capabilities we are confident that this is still just the beginning of what we hope to accomplish.

Check out our video and gallery below to see the journey our new sign took on its way to the sky, or take a short drive down Beltway 8 south of I10 and take a look for yourself!

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