Cotton Dallas Expansion

Over a decade ago, Cotton expanded its national footprint to include a satellite office in Dallas to support the greater Dallas-Fort Worth market. Through the years, this location has grown into a centralized hub for Cotton’s international logistics, allowing for quick deployment of assets to destinations all over North America and beyond, and housing the company’s main inventory of heavy equipment. To support ongoing operations, that initial office has grown from a modest 4,000 square feet to a roughly 80,000 square foot Global Response Center. “I’ve had the privilege of being a part of that exceptional growth both nationally and within the DFW market for the last 10 years”, said Stewart Geldersma, Vice President. “I’m excited to build upon the opportunity for continued growth and to support our local clients with a new world class facility”.

Cotton’s full suite of services is available to commercial clients within the DFW market including Disaster Restoration, Construction, Roofing, Environmental Remediation, Workforce Housing and Catering services. We look forward to showcasing these services and our new Global Response Center at an upcoming Open House on July 20 of this month. For more details or to RSVP, email Susan Link at