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Since its inception, Cotton has been instrumental in the restoration of schools, colleges and universities across the country following property damage. From a small, Private Montessori, to a multi-institutional system, Cotton understands the value placed on the education facilities by each community. Whether it be a single event, or a catastrophic disaster, Cotton is equipped with the professional knowledge, experience, and resources to swiftly return a campus to pre-loss condition. Downtime may call for altered school calendars, conflicts with sporting events and extracurricular activities, student relocation, and almost inevitably, lost revenue. Therefore, education officials rely on Cotton's innovative solutions and service models to effectively minimize these issues and put kids back in the classrooms.

Cotton Logistics can provide temporary facilities as alternate offices or learning spaces during school renovations or repairs. Additionally, Cotton Culinary’s Business Dining Services can operate within the campus dining setting to provide daily meal service to the student population, while the Emergency Food Services Division can mobilize kitchens after a disastrous event to provide temporary meal service.